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bad_boy_penn's Journal

Sean Penn Dome
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When Sean was 10 years old, the Penn's family moved to Malibu where Sean fell in love with surfing. He had his big break, when he played a prototypical surfer dude, Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) before moving on to movies like Bad Boys. Disenchanted by the Hollywood game, he swore off acting for a while. He served 32 days in jail for a photographer punch-out in 1987, whilest being married to Madonna (1985-1989). Sean and Robin Wright Penn have been married since 1996, have 2 kids & are currently filed for divorce. Sean was a son to director & actor Leo Penn and had two brothers; Christopher Penn was known for movies like reservoir dogs, footloose, short cuts,.. and Michael Penn is a musician as well as his wife Aimee Mann. do feel free (but not obliged) to post to introduce yourself & why you love penns work or any related. thanks for joining/watching!